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Organisational, leadership and team development programmes for organisations wanting off-the-peg products

Bespoke organisational, leadership and team development programmes offered by Centre for Management Creativity are well proven. As an alternative the following generic programmes have evolved during thirty years of working with leadership teams of major organisations across all sectors.

Now is the ideal time to build the confidence to succeed, because of current uncertainties in the economic system. Furthermore you can use these generic workshops to align the energies and passions of your senior team and transform their capability.

You can achieve a great deal in a 48-hour residential workshop, because this is the optimal time-frame to provide a springboard for success. For development to be sustained, you should therefore see such events as the start of a journey that will require ongoing support and effort.

Generic products

Clarify your Sense of Purpose – This 48-hour residential workshop will enable teams to clarify their purpose, strengthen their identity, agree shared values and align energies. It is a highly interactive and experiential process. Teams at all levels of responsibility can develop a broad framework to align themselves in corporate endeavour. For groups of 5 to 25

Articulate Shared Vision – A 48-hour residential workshop to suit teams wanting to develop a clear vision of future success. More tangible than purpose, a vision tells you what success looks like. Participants will also develop the strategies and capabilities to achieve it. For groups of 5 to 25

Discover Deeper Leadership – This 9 month development programme include periodic short residentials. This interactive process is for individuals with identified potential therefore providing a fast-track to deeper leadership. For groups of 5 to 15. Further information click here

Facilitating Co-Creation – harness diversity for creative breakthrough. This one day event can be run anywhere for a minimum of nine participants. It provides an introduction to Logovisual Thinking (LVT) a methodology developed by Centre for Management Creativity. LVT enables people to model complex issues and achieve novel outcomes. Participants get a thorough briefing and hands-on experience.

People have been amazed that we achieved such an ambitious outcome in the time available. They have been very positive about their time with you
HR Business Partner, Retail and Pharmacy Operations. Boots UK

An occasional weekend workshop for facilitators

Thinking and Perceiving – enjoy a weekend of relaxation, reflection and exploration.  Join a small and friendly group of colleagues for this loosely structured developmental event with a light hand on the tiller. Share in talks, guided relaxation and visualisation, conversations and dialogue. Enjoy space to be, experiential learning and excursions into the natural beauty of Malham Moor. More information; click here