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Who We Are

Centre for Management Creativity (CMC) works with leadership teams in all sectors leading transformational change in order to accelerate progress to sustained achievement and peak resilience.

Leading transformational change

What qualities of leadership make the difference and how can you draw them forth? How can you use the work that people do to develop their ability to achieve? How do you grow capability?

Let us help you unlock untapped potential so your people power ahead. Create the clarity of vision that will set you apart from competitors.  Delight your customers as you imbue your organisation with a sense of purpose.

CMC is an independent facilitation and coaching practice leading transformational change.

Since 1990 it has worked with organisations across all sectors. CMC has developed aspects of strategy innovation, performance improvement, authentic leadership, high performance teamwork and executive coaching. Furthermore it has addressed accelerated development of partnerships, customer client relationships, mergers and acquisitions.

John Varney, founder and chief executive of CMC, helps senior managers developing strategic dynamism and leading transformational change. As well as being a mountaineer and psychological group leader with a first career in architecture, John has a capacity for awakening leadership potential. His original and sometimes unusual methods resonate with people’s deeper consciousness and therefore tap latent potential. His extensive experience integrates systems thinking, creative processes and human aspects of enterprise therefore producing exceptional results.

John is author of many articles and contributor to several books. His latest book Leadership as Meaning-Making – Take the Hero’s Journey to Transformation is published by Routledge.

Associates in Organisational Work

We have an extensive network of accomplished associates that enables us to put together teams for each assignment. Because we are geographically dispersed, we operate wherever people are leading transformational change.