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Let's share the challenge

CMC can help you engage people in team development so you raise your game. Together we can co-design creative and innovative change. Firstly we can explore your issues and work with you to co-design interactive processes for developmental change. We can integrate creative media, experiential learning, personal development, systems thinking, visual thinking, group dynamics into our processes with on-site follow through as appropriate.

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Here are some of the possibilities:

One-to-One and Team Coaching

Either to meet identified needs or enhance performance

Individuals and teams often need help as they strive to overcome barriers to effectiveness. We can use light-touch methods based on feedback to remove blocks to progress. Then we can establish ongoing learning in the context of work. Furthermore, we can establish Action Learning sets to continue development long after external support is withdrawn.

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Breakthrough Workshops

One-off events of one to four days duration, preferably residential

We can get fantastic results with workshops involving people in exploring difficult issues and seeking opportunities. You can pool your team’s tacit knowledge and break through to new levels of capability. Because you tap the diversity of groups, focused enquiry enables you to develop shared outcomes. Consequently you arrive at good decisions leading to well-informed strategies and effective action.

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Interactive In-company Conferences

Highly-effective, short, interactive events for larger groups

By bringing functional or cross-functional groups together you can develop creative relationships aligned to common objectives. Rich interaction can form the foundation for constructive and productive work to produce sustainable processes of collaboration. As a result your organisation becomes more effective at communicating key information, sharing knowledge and developing new understanding.

Organisational Development Journeys

Engage individuals, teams and wider audiences in organisational change processes

You may well need help to develop your team or organisation on all fronts in a concerted manner so as to maximise your potential. CMC can integrate all the foregoing elements (and more) into a programme of continuous development with on-going coaching support.

For you to get from where you are to where you wish to be is likely to need an extended programme of development. In order to motivate and engage people you need processes that will bring their diversity into fruitful relationship.

Although the right group can achieve a great deal in an initial intensive event, sustaining that change is likely to need on-going support. We can decide together who needs to be involved and over what time period, depending on the nature of the challenge.

To achieve organisation-wide change will require extended external support and multiple interventions. As a result you will go faster than the pace of change.

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Whatever the nature and scale of your challenge, contact us to explore how CMC can help you reach new levels of achievement.