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Raise your game

Harness the power of high-performance teamwork. Together we can raise your game by developing bespoke solutions to meet your specific needs. For over 20 years, CMC has helped organisations improve their capability through a range of processes. The following are typical assignments, co-designed with our clients.

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Purpose, vision and values – off-site workshop & follow-through

A clear sense of purpose will unify people to meet emergent challenges and achieve business goals as their beliefs, visions and values evolve. Engage everyone throughout your organisation in designing actions and adopting behaviours that deliver results. Therefore people develop a clear sense of identity that provides core strength.

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Scenarios and strategic narrative – off-site workshop

Clarify the range of possible challenges your organisation will face in a way that develops people’s response capability. Engage your leadership in scenario planning so that they are well prepared to manage unpredictable change.

Collaboration and silo-busting – off-site workshop & follow-through

Bring people into relationship to develop their shared picture of success. Remove barriers and boundaries to collaborative working that will generate mutual benefits. Help people develop clear understanding and so commit to sustainable, successful and productive relationships.

High-performance teamwork – developmental process

You will harvest the benefit of teams that work well, because they are self-directed and have a clear sense of purpose.  As you eliminate dysfunctions and clearly define roles and responsibilities, you will develop cohesion and commitment. Because high-performance teamwork gets results, you will enjoy better meetings, better performance and more satisfaction.

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Authentic leadership and personal effectiveness – developmental process

Tap people’s latent potential for leadership contribution, responsibility and accountability. Because you harness hidden capacity and capability throughout your organisation, you will empower everyone and release energy for the greater good of all. Involve everyone in service of your corporate purpose so they deliver outstanding results.

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One-to-One Coaching

A series of encounters used to address dysfunctions and enhance individual performance. Also one-to-one personal residential retreats for an intensive developmental experience


Contact us to arrange to meet to explore how we can co-develop a bespoke process to address your own unique challenges.



Given current uncertainties this is the ideal time to clarify your corporate intent and build confidence in future success.

Based on many such events run successfully for corporate clients Centre for Management Creativity has identified three well-proven products. These generic workshops are confidently offered as the means to transform your capability.

Deeper Leadership

This profound developmental process is for individuals who feel the need for greater awareness in order to improve their personal leadership. Because it combines a series of short residential events with periods of practice, it supports participants over nine months of development. Conceived as public open course, it can conveniently be run in-company.

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A Sense of Purpose

This 48-hour workshop with follow-through enables teams to clarify their purpose, strengthen their identity, agree shared values and align energies. This intensive and enjoyable workshop gives a dual benefit. It enables a team to develop a clear sense of purpose and also, in so doing, enhances personal and interpersonal relations.

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Shared Vision  

This 48-hour workshop that enables teams to develop a clear vision of future success as well as the strategies and capabilities to achieve it. Where a team shares a sense of purpose, this workshop enables them to work together to clarify their visions of future success and outline the strategies that will guide their efforts.

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People have been amazed that we achieved such an ambitious outcome in the time available. They have been very positive about their time with you”
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