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Thinking and Perceiving

A weekend workshop for consultants, facilitators and change agents

at High Trenhouse with John Varney

Thinking and Perceiving

New date: 2-4 November 2018

Join a small and friendly group for this loosely  structured event, guided by a light hand as we relax, listen and learn from one another.

The programme will include;

  • Theme talk and discussion
  • Relaxation and guided visualisation
  • Conversations and Dialogue
  • Visual Thinking and Logovisual Thinking
  • Some togetherness and some solo
  • Local walks and excursions

The comfort and joy of High Trenhouse is an oasis of peace and calm. We will have the place to ourselves with all its amenities, wholesome food and supportive service. We can therefore enjoy the quiet grounds and explore the surrounding natural beauty of Malham Tarn nature reserve and the wonderful limestone scenery of Malham Moor and beyond.

Relax, reflect and regenerate

Wholeness, health and healing need intention and also a little time and space. Therefore take a break from all the pressures and manipulation of modern media and the heavy expectations of work. Rediscover the peace within. Contact your authentic self in the company of other seekers after truth. Be at one with yourself. Take stock and as a result you can return to your work with a fresh mind.

The programme is punctuated by wholesome and delicious meals. Group sessions will provide a supportive framework and stimulate enquiry, with guidance on technique. There will also be time to walk in the locality to take in nature’s beauty and breathe clean fresh air.

This weekend workshop gives you an opportunity to informally explore with peers how the way we think shapes our world; work and play, personal and family, social and political.

Cost £295 (inc VAT) per person in single en-suite accommodation includes meals and refreshments from dinner Friday evening through to Sunday afternoon.

To book email