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Let's engage people

People meet all manner of challenges in dealing with the complexities of modern organisational life; unrelenting pressure to compete, to achieve more with less, to re-think and re-deploy in order to survive and thrive in a changing world. Solving immediate problems, however, can sometimes leave deeper issues undiscovered and unresolved.

A different kind of leadership is required to go into this uncharted territory, usually requiring a team effort, an innovative process and skilled facilitation. Independent facilitation of open-ended enquiry enables leadership teams to break through to new potential, developing both external strategies and internal capabilities.

Here are six key characteristics of successful leadership:

  • People are crystal clear about their common purpose and they are aligned through shared visions, values and strategies for success
  • People willingly take individual responsibility for collective action
  • They are in touch and in tune, playing to each other’s strengths
  • Mutual knowledge and respect are manifest in their behaviour
  • They manage risks and constantly learn from feedback
  • Let us explore with you the issues you face and design a way of working that will help you make significant progress.


Groups from different divisions need to rapidly become one team to drive a new venture. It is important that this team becomes very effective very quickly, before dysfunctions set in. There is a tension between the need to show quick wins and the need to invest time and energy in co-designing the future. What sort of process will satisfy both in order to get the best outcome?

A virtual team of professionals is scattered across the globe and rarely comes together in one place at one time. An in-company conference gives an opportunity to re-think their role with a view to maximise contribution, eliminating duplicated efforts. What sort of framework will best help and how are they to interact so as to make the most of this opportunity?

Let us explore the issues you face and co-design a way of making significant progress.