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Let's share the challenge

The challenge is to engage people in developmental change that raises your game.

Generate the creative and innovative energy for change work. CMC’s interactive processes integrate creative media, experiential learning, personal development, systems thinking, group dynamics, and on-site follow through, as appropriate. CMC will work with you to co-design purposeful and coherent processes which may include any or all of the following:

One-To-One and Team Coaching

Typically low-key assignments against identified needs

Remove blocks to progress and establish ongoing learning in the working context, based on feedback. Action Learning sets can continue to develop long after external support is withdrawn.

Breakthrough Workshops

One-off events of one to four days duration, preferably residential

Share exploration of difficult issues and opportunities. Pool explicit and tacit knowledge. Enable focused enquiry as the basis for well-informed strategies, decisions and action. Break through to new levels of capability.

Interactive Conferences

Highly-effective, short, interactive events for larger groups

Bring functional or cross-functional groups together to develop creative relationships aligned to common objectives. Communicate key information, share knowledge and develop new understanding as the foundation for constructive and productive work.

Development Journeys

Extended programmes engage individuals, teams or wider audiences in organisational change processes

Get you from where you are to where you wish to be with an extended programme of development
Engage individuals, teams or wider audiences, integrating the above elements into a continuous development process with on-going coaching. CMC will help you maximise your potential by developing on all fronts in a concerted manner.

The nature of the challenge will need to be matched in terms of who and how many people to involve and over what time period. A great deal might be achieved with the right group in a single intensive hard-hitting event. Sustaining that change may require wider on-going support. Organisation-wide change will probably need extended relationship and multiple interventions. What is important is to go faster than the pace of change and not to fail by being timid or parsimonious.

Whatever the nature and scale of your challenge, let’s talk about how we can help you reach new levels of achievement.